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Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.

This character is an Elf.

Swordsmith of the Riders
Important Information
Gender Male
Race Elf
Class {{{class}}}
Status Alive
Affiliation Varden
Eye Color whatever suits him
Hair Color whatever suits him
Height 6'6"
Home Ellesméra
Family {{{family}}}


He grew up in the forests of Ellesmera, and at a young age showed an interest in smithing. He was apprenticed to a smith, but quickly grew beyond there talents. He went through a cycle of mentors like that, eventually becoming one of the most famous smiths among the elves, second only to Rhunön. With the war between the Elves and Galbatorix on the horizon, she recognized the need to share her ways with someone else, so she took Aetri under her wing, and tought him the ways she smithed the swords of the riders. When Rhunön died in the battle, he took it upon himself to carry on her traditions, and help any rider loyal to the varden.


His features are that of a youger boy normally, though after attending Blood Oath celebration and seeing what everyone did to their body, he has taken to changing his form as it suits him.

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