BlackDragonKnights Insignia by shanku
This character is part of the Empire.

Aldaren's vital stats
WIP1 Potential Card Art by ryanhouseman
Aldaren with his father behind him
Vital statistics
Title The Nomad
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Empire
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Status Alive
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He hates the Varden and partially supports the Empire.


When Aldaren was just 10 years old, some Dwarves that were part of the Varden came to his village and slayed every living being for retribution to what his father (who was in the Empire's military) and the Empire had done to their colonies/lands. He and his father, Stephan were the only survivors. They became nomads and during their time together, Stephan taught his nephew how to fight. Together they journeyed across Alagaesia and during the time they travelled, his father taught him how to fight. Soon, when Aldaren came of manhood, he took up his father's place and so travelled around, decimating as many Varden as he could, to take revenge for what the Dwarves had done to his village.

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