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This character is a member of the Varden.

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Aliaron Catrain
Important Information
Gender Female
Race Human, Dragon Rider
Class {{{class}}}
Status Alive
Affiliation The Varden
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family Rowan and Rose Catrain


Aliaron Catrain used to live in a small village. When she was 4, she found a large purple stone. The stone began to break open after a couple of weeks. Aliaron found out that the stone was really a dragon egg. She began to raise the dragon, Adelina, in a secret place in the forest. The village was then taken over by the Empire, a few years later. The village was burned down and everyone perished except for Aliaron and Adelina. Aliaron lived in the forest with her dragon until she was 14. During that time frame, she taught herself how to use a sword and a bow and trained Adelina so she could be ridden. She began her journey in search of the Varden. After 2 years, she finally found them. Aliaron is a Dragon Rider among the Varden.


Aliaron has medium length black hair. She has intense, dark brown eyes. She is fairly tall but not very tall. She always wears torn brown pants, worn boots, and a rugged shirt.


Aliaron is bold and impulsive. She doesn't not thouroughly think through her plans for anything. She is always optimistic, always finding the good in every situation.






Aliaron owns a sword named Taberna and a bow named Acer.


Adelina is Aliaron's dragon. She is

Aliaron and Adelina

immature but she is a skilled fighter. She is the happy and younger side of Aliaron. Although she is jovial, she can be serious when the event calls for it. She is dark purple in color and her eyes glimmer like amethysts. She enjoys flying at high speeds and diving from high spots.

This character is a Dragon Rider.

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