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Tribal Ying Yang by Medicinewolf
This character is Neutral.

This character is a Necromancer.

Arden Nikodem
Princess of the Dark Arts


She has always had a fascination for magic, especially the dark arts. She has trained for a millennia under a different necromancer, learning the art and the ways of necromacy. As a final test, she killed his teacher with his own spell. Ever since then she has roamed the worlds, offering her services, if you are willing to pay the right price

Price List

  • Basic Spells- 5 Crowns
  • Potions- 7 Crowns
  • Poisons- 9 Crowns
  • Curses- 15 Crowns
  • Enchantments-17 Crowns
  • Calling and communicating with the Dead- 20-75 Crowns (depends on how long they have been dead)

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
Born -
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour -
Hair Colour -
Height 5' 9"
Affiliation Neutral, Herself
Weapons Necromancy
Home -
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -


Dark, mysterious and pale


Her mind and her spells, as she needs nothing more. She only carries a scythe for the showmanship


You walk into the place where she is staying for that day, and come across some stuff............