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Bridget was born to Aláisya, A former Dragon-rider and Fáelán Diadem, Also a Former rider. Fáelán never wanted Bridget to become a Dragon-rider for his wife was killed as one, and he thinks someday the same fate will happen to his Daughter, but as time moves through Bridget's Interest in being a Dragon-rider strengthens. She goes secretly into the Forests and meets up with a dragon she has saved from death, Which befriends her. She becomes a Dragon-rider secretly without the knowledge of her father, but time comes she needs to tell...So she did...Her father without any choice...accepted it and gave her his blessing.


Bridget is a Sweet, Adventurous and Bubbly Girl. Although, She also has a Fierce side and will Never back down on a fight.

Bridget Diadem
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born Sometime...

Aláisya Hentraar (Mother) Fáelán Diadem (Father)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Gray
Hair Colour Grayish-Brown, Braided
Height 5"8
Affiliation The Varden

Weapons A Set of Bow and Arrows

Bridget with her DragonEdit

Bridget with her Dragon
Bridget Dragon
Bridget as a Dragon-Rider.

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