Byron Dar’nielen
Soldier of the Empire
Important Information
Gender male
Race human
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Status Alive
Affiliation The Empire
Eye Color Dark brown, almost black
Hair Color Black
Height 6'2
Home Wherever the Empire whishes
Family Mary Dar’nielen (mother, dead)

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This character is a soldier.

Uru bean
This character is a member of the Empire.


Byron Dar’nielen was the son of Mary Dar’nielen, a widow whose husband had served and died for King Galbatorix. At a young age, his mother taught him that the Empire is a force of good and that the Varden was attempting to stop peace for Alagaseia. She said that he must do everything he could to help the Empire. He was to become a soldier for the Empire. She later died when he was 18. So, from the age of 8, he trained with swordplay. When he became of age at 18, he joined the forces of Galbatorix. He spent another 3 year in training, where he learned to hide his emotions, and that everything he did as a soldier was for the good of the Empire. When he finally entered the army, he was moved from station to station for a few years before being permanently stationed at a small village near the Jiet River. On his first day, a Varden spy was captured, and he was given the task of executing him, in order to prove himself. He felt guilt at what he was doing, but he told himself it was for the good of the Empire. After this, he did multiple other atrocious things, earning him a reputation among troops as a person who would do anything. When he was 24, Galbatorix fell. He fled to Feinster, sure he would be targeted for what he had done for the Empire by the Varden. Over the course of Eadric’s father’s reign, he refused to believe that the Varden were right, and the Empire was evil. His anger against the Varden festering over the years, he immediately enlisted with Eadric’s forces as a common soldier when he Eadric toppled his father.


Completely loyal to the Empire, the King, and his country. Underneath is a mask of complete unemotion. He believes the Varden does not want peace throughout Alegasia, and completely oposes them to his very core.


6’2, 220 pounds, Muscular, has multiple scars all over his body.


He is a corporal, so he has:

  • Chainmail Armor
  • Reinforced Shield
  • Steel Sword
  • he also commands 4 soldiers