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This character is a Dragon Rider.

About Me

I am Celestine. Leader of the Varden, and fellow dragon rider. I am older than many who see me, though I take the form of a 22 year old Lady. I have led the varden for over ten years now, the relationship between the varden and the empire has become worse.

I am of slim build and I have purple eyes, like my dragon, Illiorn. My hair is jet black and reaches my waist. I am a talented spellcaster, and I have had practice, as my mother was one too.

Leader of the Varden
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born Unkown
Family Unkown
Status Alive
Eye Colour Purple
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'2"
Affiliation The Varden
Weapons (Seithr) Dragon Sword
Home The Varden



I have a purple dragon sword called Siethr, which translates as witch. My mother was a spellcaster, so she taught me most of the magic I know today. The sword has an amethyst encrusted on the hilt.

My DragonEdit

Illiorn is my dragon. He hatched to me when I was a very young girl, at the age of twenty. Ever since I have had him, he has been my good counsel, my judge and my serious side. He watched over me in his egg before I was even born, We share a power link, and all our thoughts belong to each other. Illiorn is my serious side, and he is very serious. In public he will hardly joke or ake merry, however in private he dos share sarcastic remarks, he has a liking to them. Illiorn has brilliant purple scales and he is large in size.

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