Library by daRoz

The Library of the Ruins

You enter the intricately designed doors into a large library. The place is more intact than the rest of the ruins, though papers and broken chairs are scattered everywhere, and a beam has fallen somewhere ahead of you. Most of the books have been ripped or chewed away by bugs, however; some books have been protected by leather covers, so that they may be acually be read. There are three books here that deserve special intrest

The Legend of Eragon: The Inheritance Cycle

This is the legend of the Rider Eragon, who defeated Galbatorix and revived the Dragon Riders, saving least until Eadric came into power.

The Words of Death

This book explains, describes, and advises on the use and history of the twelve words of death in the Ancient Language.

Manins abr Wyrda

This book, intended to be a complete history of Alagaesia, is a collection of Eddison's Dialouges, the Chronicles of Ingothold, and Heslant the Monk's Domia abr Wyrda, as well as personal accounts or pieces of history that Riders and scholars have donated to the book. It goes right up to the year Galbatorix attacked the Ruins when it was still functioning as a base.

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