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Eadric Tannin
King of Alegaisia
Important Information
Gender Male
Race Dragon Rider
Class {{{class}}}
Status Alive
Affiliation Empire
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6' 6"
Home Uru Baen
This character is a Dragon Rider.

Uru bean
This character is a member of the Empire.


He is tall, at six feet six inches, but with an altogether slim build. He has black hair and brown eyes.


After Galbatorix was toppled, his father took the throne of the empire on behalf of the Varden. He soon had many hiers. He was the second oldest, behind his brother Aetri. At a young age, all of his children were tested against the new clutch of dragon eggs the Varden had. He and his two other siblings hatched dragons. One night, after being teased by his older brother about him being the second hier, he slipped into his brother's room and put a knife through his heart. Then, full of adrenaline, he decided it was his time to be king, so he went to see his father and did the same to him, and siezed the crown. Then, soon after, still seeking power, he killed off the rest of his siblings, and took their dragon's heartstones to further bost his power.


Eadric Tannin/Dragon

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