Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.


Quite young and inexperienced. Always eager to try anything and everything (which has gotten him into trouble a few times). Not the brightest person ever and he often says and does stuff before properly thinking about the consequences. Always happy to meet new people and try new things.


Elwood has brown hair and brown eyes. He's slightly on the tall side and is quite muscley from farming.


Elwood and his family lived as farmers in a small village. He was the youngest son, having three older brothers and a younger sister, of Gilma and Thad Flister. Galbotorix conscipted three of his older brothers and his father to his army and most of the rest of his village. When Urgals came through the area later (probably moving due to orders of the Empire) the village was completely defenceless. The Urgals slaughtered their town (in order to gain better standing among other Urgal tribes). However Elwood was in the village over selling some grain and he returned to see the pile of dead bodies the Urgals had left. Scared and frightened he fled the village, gradually moving south to where the Varden were rumoured to be, hoping that being with them would give him some safety. He learnt some basic fighting skills on the journey (where he had his birthday and became of age), and took his first life (a group of soldiers met him on the road). He eventually made it to Surda and found people who got him to the Varden. Once in the Varden he fell in with a group of people who had originated from the town next to his and they taught him how to fight and he gradually began to feel safe. Although he joined the Varden just to hide from the Empire, his friends from the town next to his gradually showed him reasons he should be fighting with them and he is now comitted to the cause

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