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This character is a member of the Varden.

This character is a soldier.

Elyra Dirack
Member of The Varden
Young Soldier
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark brown
Hair Colour Chestnut brown
Affiliation The Varden
Weapons Bow and arrow
About Elyra
Physical Description
Very young looking, long chestnut brown hair, slim, pretty, dark eyes
Brave, very kind to all allies & determined are her main personality traits. Some might be related to her history.
Elyra grew up living in the Empire with her father and older sister. They lived there for only one reason; Gregory, Elyra's father, was a secret information peddler for the Varden. It was a terrible mistake brignging his 2 daughters to live with him. When Elyra was only 12 years old, the Empire found out Gregory's secret. The 3 of them were to be hung the very next day. Bright and early in the morning, Gregory was whispering a plan to is daughters to escape. He would stay behind to try and distract the soldiers. As the girls snuck out of the Empire territory, they herd loud voices and footsteps behind them. A moment later, Elyra herd different voices at once; one saying, "Ha, I got the eldest," the other shouting, " Elyra, run and hide in the forest! Run!" So, she did. She felt so helpless and hungry. After 1 and a half days of staying where she was, a Varden party came through the thick woods and took her in. In her own opinion, they saved her. She then made a pledge to the Varden to serve them forever and started her training as a soldier. Now that she has gotten a bit older, Elyra is determined to find her long lost sister.
A traditional black bow used with simple wooden arrows. The bow was given to Elyra a week after she made her vow to the Varden.