hi im ferren ward

name: ferren ward

title:warrior of the varden



class: soldier

status:with the varden


eye color:green

hair color: brown


home:teirm(formerly), varden

family: joseph ward-father (wherebouts unknown)

history: my name is ferren ward. i was raised a simple millers son. my mother left when i was a three year old. my dad was a good father. we never had much but we never needed much. my father openly critisized the empire. i was always picked on because of it. i was bullied so much i practiced brawling to defend myself. eventually my father critisized it in front of soldiers. he was taken from me. in my anger i sought out the varden. i had heard rumors from travelling bards about how they were camped out in the beors. so i took our horse and some supplies and money and left in the middle of the night. i stole into my friend the blacksmith's shop and took a spare sword and headed towards the beors.i traveled far. from teirm,over the spine and through gil'lead. stopping only to let my horse eat and drink. i traveled through a portion of the hadarac desset. traded with some nomads for food and drink. i travelled like this until i reached the beors. i hunted in order to get food. then i looked for the entrance to the varden.i entered the varden stronghold. as i was surrounded by warrior i told them i came to join them. afterwards i was placed in a cell to await their leaders decision.the leader walks in and touches my temple.i feel her proboing in my head. afterwards she says " welcome to the varden, ferren" after that i was now a member of the varden.

weapons: a sword taken from the blacksmith.

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