Elven fair by xscarletpassionx-d3hzy7v
Important Information
Gender Female
Race Elf
Class {{{class}}}
Status Alive
Affiliation Varden
Eye Color Bright Green
Hair Color Deep Red
Height 5'7"
Home She travels with the Varden, but she also has a home in Du Weldenvarden
Family Father- Eoilin

Mother - Adolia

This character belongs to Hayward67

This character is an Elf.

Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.


She has beautiful, deep red hair that falls magnificently in bounitful curls down the length of her back. She had bright green eyes like the forest and holds her hair back from her face with a golden circlet. She has an earthly tone to her skin and wears as little clothing as possible. She wears a leather corset and skirt, but she does not wear foot coverings. She has very fair features and has a slender, beautiful body.


She is very shy and only speaks to those she trusts. She loves to sing and does so very often. She loves children and all animals. She has a magnificently smooth voice that feels like verbal silk. She tends to stay to herself most often, but when she does warm up to someone she most often trusts them completely. It does take a while for her to trust most people. She is very clever and witty. She is also very wise, even for an elf.


Her parents were killed in battle during the fall of the Dragon Riders and ever since then she's lived alone in Du Weldenvarden. She is known amongst the Elven community as Hljödhr, or 'silent'. She most never speaks to people. She heard rumors of the Varden and she decided they might need as much help as they could get. She searched for them and when she finally found them, she enlisted as a healer as soon as possible.


She uses two short swords and a bow she sung from the trees herself. She also uses magic and specializes in healing magic (Though she can use most kinds of magic and has a very strong ability).

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