The Docks 2 by Digger2000
This the the docks of Gil'ead, where a majority of fishing and other naval-based work is held. Here, you can work for money, or in turn can buy stocks of fish and other food.

Jobs currently available:

  • Fishing: Looking for an able body to help load fish into the boat. Will pay 10 Crowns per hour.
  • Rum Storage: Need help getting the rum into the barrels for the taverns. 30 Crowns for every barrel full.
  • Innkeeper: Help run the Inn, either serving guests, sending them to thier rooms, etc. 50 Crowns per customer.

There are also many things at the Docks to splurge your new-found money on:

  • The Dragon Heart: A ship sailed by eccentric Captain Sweeny, for 20 Crowns he'll sail to the Dragon Rider Ruins for you, so that you may explore it.
  • The Lake Star Tavern: This tavern is the best of the best in not only Gil'ead, but in the entire north Alagaesia as well. As such, all the prices have gone down so that all food and mugs of rum, no matter what size, are only 3 crowns.
  • The Neptune Inn: Named after the son of the founder of the place, the Inn is very popular. As of now, prices for everyone are all the same; 10 Crowns.
  • The Crown Swordfish: A place where all fishermen go to buy baits and rods. The prices this year are:
  1. Bait: 1 Crown
  2. Rod: 10 Crowns
  3. Deep-Water Rod: 15 Crowns
  • The Healer's Rest: A place for the injured, people are taken there when they have been extremely hurt.

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