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Dragon Insignia by ChaosWolf01
This character is a member of the Varden.

Dreieich con dwarf by melaniemaier-d3l39l0
This character is a Dwarf.

Grimstnzborith Ragni Azun
Dwarf king by apadude-d37u716
The King of the Dwarves
Wielder of Knurlnien
Important Information
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class {{{class}}}
Status King of the Dwarves
Affiliation Varden
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Grey
Height 5'6"
Home Farthen Dur


Ragni was once a simple villager of Farthen Dur, courier to the previous King, Hamamru. Ragni's life changed drastically when Hamamru's daughter, Kaida, fell in love with him, and vice versa. However, thier love was to end tragically short. The day before the wedding day, Empire assassins killed Hamamru and Kaida. That following week, the Dwarves were in chaos, as there were mutiple dwarves who wanted to be king. Finally, Ragni, who had been mourning his wife, finally spoke. He spoke powerfully about how the dwarves should be united by the tragic death of the king, not be divided. Inspired by his speech, the clan leaders made Ragni king.


Ragni is 5'6" tall, has a long grey beard and twikling brown eyes. He usually carries his hammer and crown with him always, and two guards are always with him unless expressedly asked to leave by Ragni.


Ragni has an outer gruff personality, but under it is also a deeply caring and kind person. He cannot stand any type of misjustice, and if there is a case of it, he will preside over it personally. He is also protective of those who are venerable, like little children or the elderly, and if he sees them abused in anyway will get furious.

Weapons and PowersEdit

Ragni has no real combative magical powers to speak of, however; he makes up for it with his battle prowness. He becomes a dangerous enemy on the battlefield, able to angle his throws of his hammer so that it comes back to him. He also has Knuckles of Steel, so that his punches pack incredible force and impact, breaking through armor like plastic.

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