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Kvetha, Fricai . My name is Idunnr Vanyali. Pleased to meet you. I am Dragon Rider of Du Weldenvarden, a dear allies of Varden. If you see the pomegranate colored dragon over there, She is my dragon, Ragndis. Do not worry, if you don't have any ill intention, she is very kind and friendly toward anyone.

If you do not know, actually i was an outsider of this place. I was a human before. *chuckle* well, actually maybe i am still human, i do not know. Everything feel strange after i became dragon rider... Pardon, Fricai  ? i looked more like an elf then human? *chuckle* well, thank you i guess, but every dragon rider, sooner or later, is fated to transformed into becoming more elf-like, so do not be too surprised, Fricai . Although many peoples said my changes was the most visible and significant between my fellow Riders, I leave it for you to decide.

After i found Ragndis, and brought here, Elves in Ellesméra, welcome me to join their society, and here i am, talking to you as Dragon raider of Du Weldenvarden, guardian of Ellesméra. Oh, i am sorry for my mumbling, i forget you must be in hurry for something. Maybe i can offer you with my help? No? Well, if my presence is not needed, than i will excused my self, Atra du evarínya ono varda, Fricai

Idunnr Vanyali
Rider of Ragndis
The Spring Walker
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Family Gunard Maxterson (Father-Deceased)

Alexandria (Mother-Deceased)
Halldís (Foster Mother-Alive)
Ragndis (Dragon)

Eyes Reddish Brown
Hair Light brown
Height "5'9"
Affiliation The Varden


Weapons Sword & Bow
Home Ellesméra (present)

Urû'baen (past)
Dres-Leona (past)

About MeEdit


She was child of a couples from the Empire, lived in the capital city of Urû'baen. Even as a child, she was famous for her beauty that could be compared with elves. When Idunnr turned 10 years old, her family decided to moved to other city, Dres-Leona thought that city was safer place to lived. But what they expected far from reality, the happy life at the Dres-Leona was short-lived. Many slave traders want to have Idunnr. And one night, one of the greedy slave-trader kidnapped her, killed her parents in the process and burned her house so he didn't leave any traces. She is still 12 years old at that time.

He planned to sold her in other city, because if he sold her in the Dres-Leona, he afraid someone would suspect that he was the cause of the fire (Dress-Leona is one of the cities that support slave trading). But bad luck for him, he got attacked in the middle of road, and Idunnr was able to escape from that chaos. She walked aimlessly, mile by miles until she collapsed near the Silverwood.

She was found by traveling dwarven Bard, Halldís; who later become her adoptive-mother; unconscious because starvation and covered in wound. When she woke up, she entered shocked-state, and closed her self form outside world, refuse to talked with anyone. Because she didn't answer anything The dwarven bard asked, she called her "Vanyali" because of her looks. "Vanyali" is the name commonly used by the dwarven to call elves, also means magic.

After that, she took pity in the Idunnr's condition, she took her along with her in her travel. as time when on, she was able to open her heart little by little. And one night she told her stories to Halldís, After heard the story, from that days on Halldís promised she will became her adoptive mother, and as a sign she added idunnr's name into Idunnr Vanyali. After continued wandering with her adoptive mother , she began to forgot her past and started to enjoyed her new life, traveling around, learned singing and dancing, performed for the crowds and listened to many tales from fellow travelers, especially from Erik, fellow dwarven bard like Halldís.

That was until until she and Halldís traveling together with a group of merchant and she attracted to bought a big pomegranate-color "Stone" from the merchant. The merchant said they found that stone near the Hadarac desert and sold it to Idunnr with special price because they are fellow traveler. Long story short, after about a month, suddenly the "stone" hatched, and a dragon came from within. In the process, she got her gedwëy ignasia in her left hand.

Seeing this, Halldís brought her quickly into the closest Varden's Allies Cities, a small elves town, where they suggested them to bring her to Ellesméra. After arrived, The Elves Queen, Myana welcomed them and suggested Idunnr to stayed and trained over there. Halldís was also invited to stay over there, but she rejected the offer because settled in one town was not her style. but she promised to often visited her adoptive daughter, now and then. The elves Queen promised Ellesméra will always open for her.

After a teary farewell, Idunnr began her new life in Ellesméra, trained as dragon rider, learned sword-play, magics, dragon riding, ancient languages and also elves traditions of singing and dancing that usually only learned by the elves themselves. She also always look forward to the arrival of her adoptive mother, who always come with lots of souvenirs from her travels and stories to tell to Idunnr...


Timid, shy, and clumsy girl, she always spoke in a soft voice. This changed 180 degrees, when she was singing and dancing, she can sing loudly, dancing gracefully and her performances often praise to be very beautiful, even among elves. But after perform, she revert back to her usual self. While training as Dragon Rider in elves capital city, Ellesméra, She also learned elves way of living, and without realizing, little by little it changed her habits, although sometime her past natures can come out especially when she is under pressure. Her nature of Clumsiness is not changed at all even after stayed long with the elves.


Raider Sword, Vanyali

After become full-fledged dragon rider, she got her own sword that she called Vanyali for honoring her adoptive mother. The blade itself was a deep-red/garnet color, like the color of Ragndis's scale. The grip-guard was also made from silver brightsteel, shaped like wing. The grip was made from Menoa tree branch, gift by the menoa tree, because she liked Idunnr's voices, but some elves still thought it as a taboo to do and considers this sword will be cursed. The blade was thin shape, blunted at the edges, and only sharped at the tips of the sword, to suit the fighting style of Idunnr that focused on piercing techniques. There was a large pommegranate-color garnet in the pommel of the sword covered by swirl of silver brightsteel. This causes the garnet only visible at the center of the swirl. Because it has dulled edges, It didn't need scabbard. Like her name, Vanyali specialized was magic, make her wilder can used magic through her, chanted magic and sword-fighting using her in the same time. It has been very useful for Idunnr who are left-handed and also has her gedwëy ignasia mark in her left hand. .

Feldûnost bow

She also got her own bow, gift from her adoptive mother. the bow was made from the horn of Feldûnost and covered with gold as usual for dwarven-style bow. However, the size of the bow itself has been adjusted to match the body size of human.

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