Jedrik's Dragon
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Colour Yellow
Scales Colour Green
Affiliation Varden


Eldunarí Inside the body
About Taenth
Taenth is Jedrik's dragon. He hatched to him when Jedrik was seven. They serve the Varden against the king. His arch enemy is Crowin, Aurelio Balick's dragon.
Physical Description
Taenth is Large and muscled. His scales are thick, forming a good armor. His wings are huge, and he endures hours of flight. He has strong legs and arms.
Taenth is very serious. He almost never jokes, only makes some sarcastic comments. He is very determinate and he uses to be the one who keeps Jedrik focused on the mission. He also is very intelligent and advises the Varden how to proceed sometimes. He loves teaching young dragons.
When he was an egg, he was stolen from the Empire by and old member of the Varden. Seeking refuge on Surda, the man gave the egg to a kid and ran away. The boy was Jedrik and he took care of the egg during five days before it hatched to him. Naming the dragon Taenth, Jedrik showed him to his father, a soldier for the Varden. He took the boy and Taenth to the Dragon Rider who was with his division to be trained.

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