The Forges.

You see a grimy building and see a sign above the huge entrance. It says 'Forges'. You enter the building and you see a huge furnace with flames spewing out. You see a blacksmith hard at work making weapons. You don't want to distract him so you take a look around. Already finished weapons lie on the floor in no particular order or organization. Some swords, shields, knives, and spears are propped up against the wall. Suddenly, a voice says, "Hello?" and you turn around. You see a counter and a clerk standing behind it. He asks you, "Good day to you sir/m'am. How may I help you today? Would you like to purchase a pre-made weapon?" Will you buy a weapon or go back to town??

Purchasable ItemsEdit

Rhindon Sword- 10 Gold Crowns.
SavageCelticSpear Spears- 8 Gold Crowns.
KB1211 Knives -2 for 5 Gold Crowns.

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