Name: Leaf

Gender: Female

Parents: Unknown

Race: Human

Affiliation: The newest dragon riders trained by Eragon; Some dwarves of Tronjheim; Some elves of Elesmera; The Menoa Tree whom she nicknamed 'Mena'.

Age: 22

Hair: Raven, but shines a luminescent green in sun and moonlight.

Eyes: Emerald green that sometimes are able to catch the light like a predator's.

Height: 5'11

Skin Color: Even though she lives outside, her skin only tans lightly from being mostly nocternal.

Build: Tall and skinny, but very strong even if it doesn't show.

Personality: Though very peaceful when content, she does have a temper and fights fiercefully; Extremely loyal; Does not understand human ways, but is able to perfectly fit in with any other sociaty.

Weapons: A small dagger made from the tooth of a dragon that had gotten knocked out in a small fight; A bow crafted of wood granted to her by the Menoa Tree.

History: After her mother died when with little Leaf at the tender age of four, the child fled to the forest. In her eight years of staying there, she forgot what it was to be human. This included speach, manners, and even her own mother. She was able to be retaught two of those things, yet her family remains a mystery. Though she will not speak of her experiances as a forest-dweller, but the way she spoke upon discovering the newest Shur'tugal training grounds (with barks, growls, and howls) leads most to believe she had lived with wolves, thus proving her undefying loyalty. "I love the forests and you humans say you agree, but explain: why you kill the trees?" she tends to say. She chose the name 'Leaf', because others had always commented on the ways her eyes and hair are 'as green as the leaves'. She hopes one day to learn magic, and 'become one with the forest'. The wiser ones (elves, Angela, older beings, ect.) believe she wishes to become a tree or wolf. Though traveling often, Leaf now resides in either Du Weldenvarden or the forests of the Beor mountains, and often speaking to the trees. She claims that the Menoa Tree is an aquaintance of hers. 17:51, May 4, 2014 (UTC)