the Stable sells the following:
  • Pack mule - 20 crowns - good for carrying things, and not much else. needs saddlebags
  • Pony - 25 crowns - same as the pack mule, but a bit faster. needs saddlebags
  • Paint horse - 30 crowns - good for riding, but slow, and needs a saddle
  • Standard horse - 40 crowns - same as the paint horse, but faster
  • Mustang - 60 crowns - much faster than the standard horse, and can be ridden bareback
  • War horse - 100 crowns - bigger, stronger, and faster than the standard horse. Needs a war horse saddle, and armor is reccomended
  • Saddle - 10 crowns
  • Saddlebags - 2 crowns
  • War horse saddle - 13 crowns
  • War horse armor - 25 crowns

put in purchase notifications here

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