Dwarf by SnowSkadi


Tronjheim is the mighty capital of the Dwarves, built deep into the mountain Farthen Dur. The city is the bastion of the whole Dwarven race, thrice it has saved the dwarves from extiction in the past. In the present, it is the home of Grimstnzborith Ragni Azun, as well as the main base of Dwarvish operations concering the war. In Tronjheim, you can find the Star Sapphire, the Dragonhold, the Dwarvish Forge, the City Square, the Tronjheim Training Grounds, and the Tronjheim Throne Room. The city also has many tunnels leading from it to other Dwarvish towns.

Farthen Dur

Tronjheim on a map of Alagaesia (The Red dot)

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