The City Square of Tronjheim

The central hub of Tronjheim, the City Square is located at the exact center of Tronjheim. The Square hosts a variety of shops and different types of entertainment. Shops include

Durman's Fairths: A shop that makes and sells fairths, either premade or custom.

  • Premade fairth - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Custom fairth - 20 Gold Crowns (go here)

The Mountain Apothacary: A place where one can buy different potions and mixtures.

  • Vitality Potion - 20 Gold Crowns
  • Sleep Potion - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Love Mixture (Has a possibility of failing) - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Tunivor's Nectar - 50 Gold Crowns
  • Mandrake Root and Newt's Tongue - 40 Gold Crowns

The Dwarven Church: A church devoted to the gods of the dwarves, dwarves go there to pray, however; you can also buy a few things that the clerics sell:

  • Holy Pendant - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Holy Book - 15 Gold Crowns
  • Ring - 20 Gold Crowns
  • Small Statue of Dwarven God of Choice - 30 Gold Crowns

The Farhen Dur Inn: A inn for foreigners, mostly those from the Varden, it charges per night:

  • One Person - 5 Gold Crowns
  • Two People - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Three People - 15 Gold Crowns
  • Four People - 20 Gold Crowns
  • More than Four People- 20 Gold Crowns plus 5 for every extra person besides the first four

The Rocky Tavern: The best tavern in the city, the place is always packed in the evening. Bar fights are common, though the guards stationed there make sure it doesnt get out of hand. Prices for food and drink are as followed:

  • Small Mug - 5 Gold Crowns
  • Large Mug - 10 Gold Crowns
  • Leg of Mutton - 15 Gold Crowns
  • Roasted Hog - 30 Gold Crowns