The Dwarvish Forge

The Dwarvish Forge is the main forge of the city. A huge complex building, the Forge makes and supplies most of the weapons for the soldiers in the city. They also have weapons for sale

The weapons the forge has on sale include:

  • Greatsword - 15 Gold Crowns
  • Flamberge - 20 Gold Crowns
  • Huthvir - 30 Gold Crowns (dwarves only)
  • Longspear - 15 Gold Crowns

The Forge can also custom-forge weapons

  • Swords - 15 Gold Crowns
  • Spears - 20 Gold Crowns

The Forge can also place Ascudgamln, however; only dwarves can have this process done.

  • Ascudgamlm - 100 Gold Crowns

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