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  • Kingbirdy
    • Kingbirdyok, so, soa, first topic of the meeting?
    • 4:45Sonofapolloback
    • first topic...
    • what have we got so far
    • what we still neeed to do from the lastmeting
    • 4:47Kingbirdyall that was left till later for the last meeting was combat
    • 4:47Oblivion26hm...well, i think we did almost everything from the last meeting, besides the money which im gonna finish and the combat
    • 4:47Kingbirdy1v1 combat I set up Forum:Sparring for
    • 4:47Sonofapollook
    • 4:47Kingbirdyits like the training forum
    • on CHB
    • large scale combat I think we may end up working with Flame on
    • 4:48Sonofapolloyes ok
    • 4:48Oblivion26yeah, he's had some good ideas
    • 4:48Sonofapollowhat about missions?
    • 4:48Oblivion26though i think me and king should combine our ideas
    • 4:48Kingbirdymissions?
    • oh, right
    • 4:49Sonofapollodid …
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  • Kingbirdy

    alright, here is the chatlog in full from the meeting

    • 5:02 Kingbirdy so, first order of business, what happened after eragon?
    • 5:02 Narutofreak0 she cant make it
    • 5:02 Kingbirdy we need our own history
    • 5:02 Flamefang I say the Varden won
    • Or no wait
    • Or no wait
    • 5:02 Kingbirdy no, or else we wont have ane empire
    • 5:02 Flamefang Well you could still have an empire
    • The problem would be immortal people
    • 5:02 Rid3r98 @King, do you mean after the book Eragon or all the books?
    • 5:02 Narutofreak0 they moved away
    • all the books
    • 5:02 Rid3r98 ok
    • 5:02 Flamefang Well Eragon left yes but there's still Iszlandi or however you spell her name
    • 5:03 Kingbirdy let me say what I think:
    • all the elves we know died in the battle against the empire
    • it has now been 50 years or so
    • 5:03 Narut…

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